General Rules for all Members

  • Do not Hack / Cheat
  • Do not Spam
  • Do not be Disrespectful
  • Do not use Offensive or Bad Names
  • No forms of racism, harassment, or abuse.
  • All Master Admins / Admins / Members Must be active on Teamspeak

Extra rules for COD4 / MW3 Servers

  • We reserve the right to kick guest players to make room for our 03F Members.
  • No spawn camping [Spawn camping is defined as repeatedly killing players as they spawn giving them no chance of moving from the spawn point or entering the game]
  • Snipers must allow players to clear off a spawn point sufficiently and enter the battle before firing.
  • Bad language will not be tolerated.
  • Treat new players with respect. (whatever their skill level is)
  • Observe the requests of 03F admins and 03F members
  • Cheating is strictly prohibited across all 03F servers; players caught using hacks and/or cheating will be permanently banned and have their stats / privileges removed.
  • 03F tags are for members only. Anyone caught using 03F tags will be warned to remove the tag and failure to comply will result in a ban
  • Players found to be disrupting fair play will be warned ,kicked or banned.
  • 03F Admins are to be treated with respect and any form of abuse/harassment will be dealt with severely.

Extra rules for Teamspeak

Generally all other offenses will attract a warning, kick, temporary ban and if all else fails a permanent ban. We reserve the right to kick or ban without warning depending on the severity of the offense or in a case where the player is a repeat offender and is known to admins or is a high ranking player who should know the rules unbanning is at the discretion of the 03F Clan. All unban requests should be made through "Unban Appeal" on the website

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Special Thanks

Gamer.LK is the pioneer Sri Lankan gaming, eSports and digital entertainment community established to bring together gamers of the country and promote eSports as a viable sport of the future in Sri Lanka.

The Sri Lanka eSports Association was founded in 2012 by Gamer.LK with 4 founding members. Today the association has 9 members and has applied with the Sri Lanka Sports Ministry for official recognition.

About us

We are an elite group of gamers from Sri Lanka who specialize in Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 3 and a number of other games. The clan name 03F is placed after the three armed forces in Sri Lanka who brought peace and prosperity to our war stricken land.

This is 03F! This is our battlefield! You may find us, but we choose YOU!

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