All the members of 03F family has gathered once again to participate in an Paint Ball Event in Gampaha.

Game of Paintball is a sport where you get that golden opportunity to vent out your passion, aggression and leadership quality in a positive way. There is speed, imagination, fear, excitement, action and so much more! And it all starts right from the moment you visit the Paintball Jungle!

Ask an experienced Paintball player and he/she will tell you how it feels like visiting a Paintball Jungle and trying out all the realistic equipment under the guidance of highly-experienced professionals. The city of Gampaha is one of the most popular Paintball destinations in Sri Lanka. If you haven't yet played the sport, you must once visit Splatter Paintball Jungle in Sri Lanka and you will wonder how on earth you have been staying away from it all this while.

The Splatter Paintball jungle is not just a jungle but an institute in itself. Here you don't just rent equipment but gain much more like knowledge, guidance and mentor-ship. The professionals, many with an experience of more than 20 years, are the best people to introduce you to the sport including all the techniques and tactics involved in it.

If you have that urge to become an experienced Paintball player in future, it's time you should start with a visit to a Splatter Paintball.

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The Sri Lanka eSports Association was founded in 2012 by Gamer.LK with 4 founding members. Today the association has 9 members and has applied with the Sri Lanka Sports Ministry for official recognition.

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We are an elite group of gamers from Sri Lanka who specialize in Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 3 and a number of other games. The clan name 03F is placed after the three armed forces in Sri Lanka who brought peace and prosperity to our war stricken land.

This is 03F! This is our battlefield! You may find us, but we choose YOU!

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