Yesterday (Sunday, 28 September 2014) was an awesome day for everyone at 03F Clan! 3 Teams from our clan took part in Sri Lanka's first ever MW3 tournament organized by Wattala Esoft and we straight out dominated the event. All 3 of our teams played brilliantly and we claimed the title of Best MW3 Clan in Sri Lanka!

This was just the beginning. We are discussing with Esoft the possibility of organizing another event of a grander scale in the near future.

We were very happy to see a lot of enthusiasm for MW3 yesterday, and we will work hard to make sure that MW3 becomes a popular eSport in Sri Lanka


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Gamer.LK is the pioneer Sri Lankan gaming, eSports and digital entertainment community established to bring together gamers of the country and promote eSports as a viable sport of the future in Sri Lanka.

The Sri Lanka eSports Association was founded in 2012 by Gamer.LK with 4 founding members. Today the association has 9 members and has applied with the Sri Lanka Sports Ministry for official recognition.

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We are an elite group of gamers from Sri Lanka who specialize in Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 3 and a number of other games. The clan name 03F is placed after the three armed forces in Sri Lanka who brought peace and prosperity to our war stricken land.

This is 03F! This is our battlefield! You may find us, but we choose YOU!

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